Nicolaos E. Synodinos

Nicolaos E. Synodinos
  • Professor of Marketing


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(808) 956-8506

Academic Background

  • PhD, Psychology, University of Stirling, Scotland, 1979
  • BA, Psychology, American University of Beirut, Lebanon
, 1974

Research Interests

  • Marketing Research
  • Consumer Behavior
  • International Public Opinion Surveys

Selected Publications

Tsuchiya, T., & Synodinos, N. E. (2015).  Searching for alternatives: Comparisons between two sample selection methods in Japan.  International Journal of Public Opinion Research, 27(3), 383–405.

Synodinos, N. E., & Yamada, S. (2013).  Japanese public opinion surveys: 20-year trends.  Behaviormetrika, 40(2), 101–127.

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Synodinos, N. E. (2001).  Understanding Japanese consumers: Some important underlying factors.  Japanese Psychological Research, 43(4), 235–248. (Invited Paper)

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