Center for Tourism Policy Studies

In today’s dynamic travel and tourism industry, private-sector companies, governments, and development agencies require timely information and research as well as educational programs to update their knowledge and skills. The Center for Tourism Policy Studies (CTPS) conducts research for academic, government, and industry use, offers professional development and continuing education programs, and provides technical assistance and other community services in tourism-related areas. With its comparative advantage of experience and expertise, the CTPS provides resolutions to tourism challenges and opportunities in Hawaiʻi and countries in the Asia-Pacific region. The School is uniquely situated to meet the needs of the public and private sectors and a large variety of stakeholders involved in ensuring sustainable/responsible tourism. Through its programs, the CTPS:

  • Provides relevant professional development seminars and career-oriented courses at the local, regional, and international levels through continuing education, outreach, and extension services.
  • Conducts research of value to the travel industry and disseminates the findings and results to the academic, governmental, and private sector communities through publications, conferences, and lectures.
  • Coordinates service projects that promote the ideals and goals of sustainable/responsible tourism.
  • Maintains a comprehensive tourism resource center and develops linkages with research and training units within the university and with other educational institutions and tourism-related organizations in Hawaiʻi, the Pacific-Asia region, and worldwide.

Reports and publications produced through the Center


Projects and Services

The TIM School’s Center for Tourism and Policy Studies group conducts research on tourism-related issues to facilitate decision making in the public and private sectors. Projects have addressed economic, environmental, and socio-cultural concerns and issues relevant to tourism in Hawaiʻi and other destinations in the Asia-Pacific region. Special reports and the contracting organization are listed below.

  • Identifying and Analyzing the Chinese Outbound Market for Hawaiʻi (Hawaiʻi Tourism Authority)
  • Emergency Principles and Application for Tourism, Hospitality and Travel Management (Federal Emergency Management Agency)
  • Repositioning Hawaiʻi Visitor Industry Products – Development Strategies for the New Tourism Environment (Hawaiʻi Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism)
  • The Economic Impact of Hawaiʻi Museums on the Local Economy (Hawaiʻi Museums Association)
  • Tourism Development and Marketing Feasibility Study – Christmas Island (Pacific Century Inc.)
  • International Tourism – A Global Perspective (World Tourism Organization)
  • TransPacific Air Service Between Hawaiʻi and the Far East (Hawaiʻi Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism)
  • Airport Services for International Visitors (Hawaiʻi State Tourism Training Council)
  • Opportunities for the Development of Health Related Tourism in Hawaiʻi (Hawaiʻi Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism)
  • Ecotourism Opportunities for Hawaiʻi Visitor Industry (Hawaiʻi Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism)
  • Human Resources Issues in Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises in Asia-Pacific Travel and Tourism (Pacific Asia Travel Association and American Express Foundation)
  • Hawaiʻi's Neighbor Islands – Master-Planned Integrated Resorts (Japan Travel Bureau Foundation)
  • Gearing Up for Growth: A Study of Education and Training for Careers in Asia-Pacific Travel & Tourism (World Travel and Tourism Council and American Express Foundation)
  • Gearing Up for Growth II: Human Resources Issues in Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises in Asia-Pacific Travel and Tourism (Pacific Asia Travel Association and American Express Foundation)
  • Waikīkī: Urban Resort Development (Japan Travel Bureau Foundation)
  • Pohnpei State Tourism Development Plan (State Government of Pohnpei)
  • The Story of the Pacific Asia Travel Association (Pacific Asia Travel Association)
  • Master Plan for Human Resource Management, Education and Training (Desaru International Resorts, Malaysia)
  • Tourism Master Plan for the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas (Marianas Visitors Bureau)
  • Pacific Islands Tourism Case Studies (East-West Center) Regional Summary · Cook Islands · Federated States of Micronesia · French Polynesia · Marshall Islands · Northern Marianas · Papua New Guinea · Kiribati · Solomon Islands · Tonga · Western Samoa

To receive a digitized copy of any of these reports, contact the Sunset Reference Center