Xiaofeng Li

Xiaofeng Li

Xiaofeng Li

Contact Information:

Xiaofeng Li
  • Assistant Professor of Transportation Management

School of Travel Industry Management
University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa

2560 Campus Road/George Hall
Honolulu, HI 96822
United States of America



Academic Background

  • Ph.D., The University of Arizona, Tucson, 2021

Research Interests

Tourist-related Travel Behavior Analysis; Big Data and AI; Intelligent Transportation System (ITS); Traffic Signal Control; Traffic Monitoring; Shared Micro-Mobility; Robot-assisted Delivery; Smart Cities

Selected Publications

Adrian Cottam, Xiaofeng Li*, Mohammad Razaur Rahman Shaon, and Yao-Jan Wu (2023). Investigating the Impacts of E-Scooters on a Bike-sharing System in Tucson, Arizona with a No Ride Zone. Accepted by the International Journal on Sustainable Transportation

Xiaofeng Li*, Adrian Cottam, and Yao-Jan Wu (2023) Transit Arrival Time Prediction using Interaction Networks. IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 24(4), 3833-3844.

Xiaofeng Li, Peipei Xu, and Yao-Jan Wu*, (2021). Estimating Pedestrian Crossing Volume at Signalized Intersections using Bayesian Additive Regression Trees. Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems: Technology, Planning, and Operations. Volume 26, Issue 5, pp.557-571. 

Xiaofeng Li*, Yao-Jan Wu, and Alireza Khani (2021). Investigating a Small-Sized Bike-Sharing System’s Impact on Transit Usage: A Synthetic Control Analysis in Tucson, ArizonaPublic Transport, Volume 14, Issue 2, pp.441-458.

Xiaofeng Li and Yao-Jan Wu* (2021). Real-time estimation of pedestrian volume at button-activated midblock crosswalks using traffic controller event-based data. Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies. Volume 122: 102876.

Xiaofeng Li, Adrian Cottam, Yao-Jan Wu*, and Alireza Khani (2020). Can a bikesharing system reduce fuel consumption? Case study in Tucson, Arizona. Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment. Volume 89: 102604.

Xiaofeng Li, Yao-Jan Wu*, and Yi-Chang Chiu (2019). Volume Estimation using Traffic Signal Event-Based Data from Video-Based Sensors. Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board. Volume 2673, Issue 6, p.22-32.

Xiaofeng Li, Alexander Weber, Adrian Cottam, and Yao-Jan Wu* (2019). Impacts of changing from permissive/protected left-turn to protected-only phasing: case study in the City of Tucson, Arizona. Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board. Volume 2673, Issue 4, p.616-626.

Awards & Honors

Outstanding Graduate Student Award, CAEM, College of Engineering, The University of Arizona, May 2021

Best Graduate Research Paper Award, ITS Arizona 28th Annual Conference, Nov 2020