B.S. in Travel Industry Management: Graduation


Congratulations on making it to this step of your academic journey as a TIM major. You’re almost there! There are two parts to graduation:

  1. Pre-Graduation Check. A pre-graduation check releases your seat in TIM 431. We will also review all your academic progress to ensure you are on track to graduation.
  2. Graduation Application. Submitting your graduation application offically files you for graduation (note: this is also referred to as "petitioning" for gradauation, or applying for graduation). It also gives you the ability to register for commencement.

Please see below for information on how to complete your pre-graduation check, plus important frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding graduation.

1. Pre-Graduation Check

Completion of a pre-graduation check is required to ensure a seat in the senior capstone class, TIM 431: Strategic Management for the Travel/Hospitality Industry.


  • Spring Graduation: October 1
  • Summer Graduation: December 16
  • Fall Graduation: March 1 


Meet with an academic advisor prior to the required deadline(s) (e.g., October 1 for fall graduates) for a pre-graduation check advising appointment. Please identify the appointment reason as "graduation."


Complete the pre-graduation check form below.

Graduating Semester
Mailing Address
TIM B.S. Degree Emphasis (Select One)
I have completed part 1A as required:
By selecting "yes" I am confirming that I have completed parts 1A & 1B of my graduation check:

Part 1A: I have signed-up and/or attended my pre-graduation check advising appointment.

If you select "no" please EXIT THIS FORM, and complete part 1A and return to this form for completion.


After successfully completing 1A & 1B, students will receive an email to their hawaii.edu account regarding next steps for TIM 431 registration. Emails will be sent out approximately in April (fall enrollment); November (spring enrollment); and March (summer enrollment - if applicable). Students should read and follow the steps outlined to ensure a seat in TIM 431.

Students will only receive an email if they successfully complete parts 1A & 1B.

2. Graduation Application

Students will receive an email notifying them to complete an online graduation application through the Registrar's Office. Email notifications will go out approximately in August (fall graduates), December (spring graduates), and January (summer graduates).

Students will only receive an email if they successfully complete their pre-graduation check (1A & 1B).

Failure to complete the online graduation application upon notification may prevent graduation.

Pursuing a minor(s) and/or certificate(s)?

Complete the minor/certificate verification form and email completed copy to timinfo@hawaii.edu

Graduation FAQs

How can I confirm that I successfully completed my pre-graduation check?

  1. Students will receive a confirmation email they have successfully completed the pre-graduation check form (above); AND
  2. Students can check their STAR Advisor Notes for a "pre-graduation check"/"pre-grad check" note; and/or
  3. Students will receive a follow-up email for TIM 431 registration and/or an override to register for TIM 431.

How can I confirm that I submitted my graduation application?

  1. Students should receive a confirmation email that they submitted their graduation application; AND/OR
  2. A box indicating you "petition for graduation" will appear in your campus report (STAR > transcript > campus report) after your application is submitted.

Are graduation and commencement the same thing?

Technically, no. Graduation is the official semester in which you finish all the requirements (e.g., courses, credits, grades/GPA, etc.) to earn your BS-TIM degree. Commencement is the event/ceremony to commemorate your graduation. Commencement ceremonies are only in fall and spring semesters.

Can I participate in a commencement ceremony different from the semester I graduate?

Students may be able to participate in a commencement ceremony different from the semester they graduate. Summer graduates are able to select between the fall or spring semester commencement ceremonies (since there is no summer commencement ceremony). Fall or spring graduates may be able to participate in a commencement ceremony one-semester before or after their official graduation.

Please email timinfo@hawaii.edu if you are considering participating in a commencement ceremony that does not align with your semester of graduation and you are not a summer graduate.

How do I register for the UH Mānoa commencement ceremony?

Students may register online: https://manoa.hawaii.edu/commencement/

Registration usually opens a couple of months before the ceremony.

What type of graduation regalia should I wear to the UH Mānoa commencement ceremony, and where can I purchase it?

Students graduating with their bachelor’s degree typically wear a gown, cap, and tassel. Graduates may also wear optional cords and/or stoles which signify accomplishments, like club involvement or honors. TIM students should wear the “Science Gold” tassel.

Students are able to purchase graduation regalia, including a TIM stole, at the UH Mānoa Bookstore: https://www.bookstore.hawaii.edu/manoa/

Is there a Shidler/TIM specific commencement event?

Yes! Shidler/TIM hosts a commencement event every fall and spring semester. It is usually the Friday evening at the end of finals. More information and registration will be sent to students directly, plus posted online and on our social media channels.

When and how will I receive my diploma?

The Office of the Registrar manages student diplomas. To receive their diploma students must (1) submit their graduation application; and (2) successfully finish their remaining courses.

Students receive a hardcopy version via mail and also an electronic version (starting spring 2022).

More information, including mailing dates can be found on the registrar’s website: https://manoa.hawaii.edu/registrar/student-records/diplomas/

Where can I review and/or update my mailing address to receive my diploma?

Students may review and/or update their mailing address through myUH portal: https://manoa.hawaii.edu/registrar/student-records/updating-personal-information/

How do I request my official transcript?

Official transcripts can be requested through the Office of the Registrar: https://manoa.hawaii.edu/registrar/student-records/ordering-transcript/

I need to verify my degree and/or enrollment. How do I do this?

The Office of the Registrar and verify degree and/or enrollment. More information can be found on the registrar's website: https://manoa.hawaii.edu/registrar/student-records/verification-of-enrollment-degree/

Can I still use my hawaii.edu account after I graduate?

Yes! Please sign-up for 'ohana online to ensure you can still access your hawaii.edu email account: https://www.hawaii.edu/askus/1137

Google drive access after graduation is not guaranteed. Students should save any google drive files to their own personal computers.

How do I stay connected with the TIM School?

We encourage all students to follow-us on social media (@uhmtimschool): https://linkin.bio/uhmtimschool #uhmtimschool

Learn more about the TIM Alumni Association (@TIMAlumniAssociation): https://shidler.hawaii.edu/alumni #TIMAA

Are career development services still available to me post-graduation?

Yes! The TIM Assistant Director of Internships and Career Development is available to support TIM alumni post-graduation. 

The Mānoa Career Center also provides services to TIM alumni: https://manoa.hawaii.edu/careercenter/alumni/