Master of Science in Marketing Management (MSMM)

Master of Science in Marketing Management (MSMM)

The demand is strong and growing for marketing managers who have the advanced skills needed to build long-term customer relationships. Although a BBA in marketing is a useful entry-level degree for many positions, increasing competition and a rapidly changing economic environment require higher levels of marketing expertise.

Meeting this demand, the Shidler Master of Science in Marketing Management (MSMM) offers a full-time, one-year program that provides students with in-depth expertise in marketing management and broadens their opportunities to work in marketing-related careers.

Starting salaries for marketing managers with Masters’ degrees are significantly higher than for BBA graduates. Furthermore, students in other fields such as psychology, health care, and communication will greatly benefit from having a MSMM. Some may be recent graduates, others more experienced professionals. Regardless of prior education and experience, upon graduation, individuals with MSMM degrees will have:

  1. in-depth comprehension of marketing analytics and customer relationship management (CRM);
  2. the ability to analyze and manage market and external force impacts on brand strategy;
  3. a well-honed understanding of customer psychology and buying behavior;
  4. appreciation of how ethical and sustainable marketing management contribute to brand success;
  5. concrete knowledge of effective global marketing management;
  6. solid skills regarding use of tools such as digital promotion and social media to improve brand equity.

MSMM Advantages

Higher Earning Potential

According to, “ample research has been performed over the years about the higher salary that you can earn with a master’s degree” in marketing. The website reports the US Bureau of Labor Statistics’ estimate of the median salary for a marketing master’s degree is $68,000 versus $56,000 for the bachelor’s. For marketing research analysts, the difference is $90,000 versus $65,000. And, for marketing and sales managers, it’s $110,000 versus $80,000 - a $30,000 annual premium for individuals with a master’s in marketing!

One-Year Course of Study

The MSMM Program is a one-year master’s degree. Unlike most two-year MBA programs, the MSMM prepares students for advanced marketing careers in substantially less time. This means that MSMM graduates will require fewer resources to graduate and enter the workforce sooner. If you are a Shidler BBA in marketing, there are additional ways to save financial resources by participating in our “4+1 BBA/MSMM” program.

Excellent Career Placement

The Shidler Office of Internships and Career Development works diligently to establish, maintain, and strengthen business and alumni connections to link recruiters and students. MSMM students will have full access to this excellent service. They can also undertake an internship as part of their degree program in order to gain real world experience and make valuable business contacts.

Shidler College of Business Quality Reputation

The Shidler College of Business features a world class Marketing Faculty who are experts in the areas of marketing management, consumer psychology, brand communications, sales management, and digital marketing. Students in the MSMM program will receive instruction from Faculty experts within smaller classes that optimize interaction and mutual learning. The College is the only AACSB International accredited business school in Hawai‘i.

Pathway 1: MSMM BAM (BBA + MSMM)

The  MSMM BAM pathway is designed for current undergraduate marketing students
enrolled at the Shidler College of Business.

The MSMM BAM pathway offers the following benefits:

  • Advanced admission and smooth transition into a graduate program while
    finishing your undergraduate degree.
  • Waiver of GMAT or GRE for admission.
  • Up to nine credits towards the MSMM degree can be taken at a lower
    undergraduate tuition rates as current undergraduate marketing students.
  • Potential completion of the MSMM degree in one year.
  • Classes are offered at night, so students can work during the day while enrolled
    in the MSMM.

Shidler undergraduate marketing majors are eligible to apply if they:

  • Currently have at least two semesters remaining prior to graduation from the
    Shidler College of Business.
  • Have taken at least two upper-division marketing courses.
  • Completed BUS 312 and either MKT 311 or MKT 321 with a B grade or
  • Have a minimum 3.0 GPA overall.

Pathway 2: 1 Year MSMM Program

Students who are not Shidler marketing majors are welcome to apply. 30 credit hours of Masters level courses will be required for the MSMM degree.

If applicants do not have BBAs in marketing from Shidler, they will need to take BUS 312, BUS 310, MKT 311, and MKT 321 in addition to the 30 graduate credit hours OR petition the Faculty Director to waive one or more of these courses based on equivalents taken as part of their previous academic program.

Submission of either a GMAT or GRE score is not required but recommended. A minimum 3.0 GPA overall for undergraduate and graduate coursework is required.

MSMM Course Offerings*

Thirty graduate credit hours are required for the MSMM. Up to 6 credit hours may be waived depending on graduate-level course equivalence. Students may replace waived courses with desired classes that are approved by the MSMM Faculty Director. MSMM students take 9 courses across the three concentrations listed along with a 3 credit hour integrative experience. The integrative experience can be a consulting practicum, internship, or research thesis. The 3 course areas and relevant class listings follow.

*Course availability is subject to change

A. Marketing Tools Courses (minimum of 9, maximum of 12 credit hours)

  1. Data Analytics and Statistics for Business (BUS 619)
  2. Marketing Research/Data Analytics (MKT 655)
  3. Digital Transformation with Information Systems (BUS 625) and/or Business Intelligence and Data Analytics (ITM 683)
  4. MKT 411B (Imagination, Entrepreneurship and Business Problem Solving) or MKT 656 (Creativity in Marketing)

B. Marketing Strategy Courses (minimum of 6, maximum of 9 credit hours)

  1. Services Marketing (MKT 657) or Advanced Marketing Management (MKT 651)
  2. International Marketing Management (MKT 653)
  3. Sales Leadership (MKT 650)

C. Brand Management Courses (minimum of 6, maximum of 9 credit hours)

  1. Strategic Brand Management and Marketing Communications (MKT 654)
  2. Digital Marketing Management (MKT 658)
  3. Consumer Behavior for Managers (MKT 648)

D. Mkt Consulting Practicum, Mkt Internship, or Other Mkt “Culminating” Experience, e.g., BUS 695 (Internship - 3 credit hours)

MSMM Tuition Rates

The tuition rate per credit hour for the MSMM program is $887. To complete the 30 credit hour program, the total tuition cost is $26,610. Applicants in Pathway 1 are eligible to take up to nine credits towards the MSMM degree with lower undergraduate tuition. This means that a Shidler undergraduate marketing student who completes one or more of possible three graduate-level prior to completing the BBA will pay significantly less than the full tuition cost. Total costs may vary depending on classes taken as an undergraduate and should be discussed with the MSMM’s Faculty Director, Dr. Miao Hu:

MSMM Application Process

Admission to the MSMM occurs through application to the Shidler Office of Student Assistance and Services (OSAS). Please use this link to access the application.

Please compete the application and email the document along with requested materials (i.e., official university-level transcripts, statement of purpose, and two letters of recommendation) to Mr. Marc Endrigat, Director of MBA Admissions at

Application Deadlines

Pathway 1 applicants should apply in the semester before their senior year or early in their senior year as a Shidler marketing major.

For Pathway 2 applicants, the deadline for scholarship consideration and international applicants is March 1 st of the year before they enter the program. The regular review deadline for all MSMM applicants is May 1st.