Press Kit

The following items have been provided your convenience. If you have particular needs, please contact the Shidler College of Business External Relations Office (808) 956-6902 or email

Description Link
About the Shidler College of Business Download the Shidler College or Business Doc
Dean Vance Roley Hi-Res Photo Dean Vance Roley
Album of Shidler Zoom Backgrounds Shidler Zoom Backgrounds
Album of Shidler Stock Logos Shidler Stock Photos
Album of TIM Stock Photos TIM Stock Photos
Shidler Stacked Logos Download Stacked Logos
Shidler Horizontal Logos Download Horizontal Logos
Travel Industry Management Logos Download TIM Logos
Shidler Alumni Association Logos Download Shidler Alumni Association Logos
TIM Alumni Association Logo Download TIM Alumni Association Logo
PowerPoint Template Download Shidler PowerPoint Template