Upon Return

Welcome back! You have successfully completed the academic and cultural challenges of living and learning in a foreign country. This is a great accomplishment and what you have experienced will have a positive lasting impact throughout your career.

Dealing with Reverse Cultural Shock

Be aware that reverse cultural shock may take place. This is a feeling of confusion or loss that someone may experience upon returning home. It is not unusual to experience reverse cultural shock after growing accustomed to a foreign culture. Moreover, ‘experiential barriers’ may occur such as difficulty in communicating about study abroad experiences. Stories may not interest family and friends as much as might be expected and one may feel distant from loved ones. But not to worry because with time and practice, students will capitalize on what they have learned and find ways to integrate these experiences in their lives, perspectives, and future career. Here are some suggestions on how to stay connected;

  • Recognition
    Be aware that you may encounter reverse cultural shock. While away, you might have changed, but for your family, things have remained the same in your absence.
  • Stay Active
    If you are already a member of a student organization, stay active by participating in events.
  • Seek Career Advice
    If you are unsure of your future career goals, make an appointment to see a counselor or advisor who can help you take full advantage of your international experiences.
  • Share Your Story with Your Fellow Shidler Students!

Attention MIX Students:

An official academic transcript from the host school must be sent to the Mānoa International Exchange office at this address:

Mānoa International Exchange (MIX)
University of Hawai'i at Mānoa
2600 Campus Road, QLC 206
Honolulu, HI 96822 USA

Once UH Mānoa has received an official transcript from the host university, transfer credits will be recorded based on the preapproved course petitions.

Transfer courses from a student's host university will not affect their UH Mānoa cumulative grade point average. Transfer courses and the grades received will be posted on a student's UH Mānoa transfer report.

Study Abroad Center (SAC) students must check with SAC about transfer credits.