Awards List (2023)

2023 Business Night Awards List

Awardee / Award NameAmountDonor
Cheridyn Okuno
Special Student in Accounting Award
$1,500CW Associates, CPAs
QiaoJing Qiu
Outstanding Master of Accounting Student Award
$2,000Deloitte & Touche LLP
Kai Lin
Outstanding Student in Accounting Award
$2,000Ernst & Young LLP
Jillian Marc Jefry Felipe
Special Junior in Accounting Award
$1,500Hawaii Association of Public Accountants - Oahu Chapter
Haiying Li
Outstanding Senior in Accounting Award
$2,000Hawaii Association of Public Accountants - Oahu Chapter
Kaitlyn Hamilton
Outstanding Senior in Accounting Award
$2,000KPMG LLP
Emily Quach
Distinguished Student in Accounting Award
$3,000Spire Hawaii LLP
Sarah Fusato
Special Junior in Accounting Award
$1,500N&K CPAs, Inc.
Awardee / Award NameAmountDonor
Kaylee Miki
Special Student in Real Estate Award
$1,500Alexander & Baldwin, Inc.
Tiffany Min
Outstanding Financial Analyst Award
$2,000American Savings Bank
Daniel Kaanana
Outstanding MBA Student in Finance Award
$2,000Bank of Hawaii Corporation
Ashley Taylor
Outstanding Senior in Finance Award
$2,000First Hawaiian Bank
Kana'i Akana
Outstanding Student in Finance Award
$2,000Aloha Pacific Federal Credit Union
Awardee / Award NameAmountDonor
Sean Scott
Special Senior in Human Resource Management Award
$1,500Bishop & Co.
Fumie Watanabe
Outstanding Student in Management Award
$2,000Central Pacific Bank Foundation
Stefani Sakamoto
Special Student in Human Resource Management Award
$1,500Hawaii Compensation Group (HICOMP)
Susan Iverson
Special Junior in Human Resource Management Award
$1,500Hawaii Employers Council
Catherine Mount
Outstanding Senior in Management Award
$2,500Austin Thomas BBA'98
Jordan Namba
Outstanding Student in International Business Award
$2,000Servco Foundation
Phillip Mendel
Outstanding MBA in Operations Management Award
Awardee / Award NameAmountDonor
Juliana Rogers
Special Student in Entrepreneurship Award
$1,500Jennifer Barrett Creative
Daniella Pasion
Outstanding Student in Entrepreneurship Award
$2,000KTA Super Stores in honor of Koichi & Taniyo Taniguchi
Awardee / Award NameAmountDonor
Madison Chow
Outstanding Junior in Marketing Award
$2,000Society for Marketing Professional Services Hawaii (SMPS)
Joshua Rio
Special Student in Digital Marketing Award
$1,500Dr. Dana Alden and Dr. Qimei Chen
Mia Fitzgerald
Special Student in the Masters of Science in Marketing Management
$1,500Dr. Dana Alden and Dr. Qimei Chen
Tina Vo
Special Student in Marketing Research Award
$1,500Anthology Marketing Group
Jenny Lau
Special Student in Sustainable Marketing Management
$1,500Ulupono Initiative
Brennen Payne
Outstanding Senior in Marketing Award
$2,000Manageability LLC
Jamie Manzi
Distinguished Student in Sales and Sales Management Award
$3,000Y. Hata & Co., Limited
Awardee / Award NameAmountDonor
Lydia Jun
Outstanding Senior in MIS Award
$2,000Decision Research Corp
Nicole Tommee
Outstanding Student in MIS Award
$2,000Ernst & Young LLP
Zenan Li
Special Student in MIS Award
$1,500Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA)- Hawaii Chapter
Awardee / Award NameAmountDonor
Kody Dominguez
Special Student Leader in TIM
$1,500Alohilani Resort Waikiki Beach
Rhema Wong
Special Senior in Hospitality
$1,500Prince Waikiki
Kailee Chun
Outstanding Senior in Tourism and Transportation
$2,000Hawaii Stevedores, Inc.
Taylor Ledgerwood
Outstanding Senior in Hospitality
$2,000Marriott Waikiki Complex
Vivian Thach
Outstanding Junior in TIM
$2,000Marriott Waikiki Complex
Yiyuan Zhang
Special Senior in TIM
$1,500Marriott Vacations Worldwide
Camille Castro
Special Junior in TIM
$1,500Marriott Vacations Worldwide
Paige Coppedge
Special Graduate Student in TIM
$1,500Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) - Hawaii Chapter
Marielle Ellorin
Special Junior in Leadership in TIM
$1,500SKAL International Hawaii
Fanglin Xu
TIM Director's Special Student Service Award
$1,500Dean's Office
Megan Ibara
Distinguished Student in TIM
$3,000TIM International, Inc.
Awardee / Award NameAmountDonor
Aaron Goo
Dean’s Professional Development Award
$1,500Financial Executives International - Hawaii Chapter
Alyssa Caballero
Special Freshman at the Shidler College of Business Award
$1,500First Foundation Bank and Advisors
Seth Addison
Dean’s Spirit Award
$2,000First Insurance Company of Hawaii, Ltd.
Deborah Yuan
Special Student in Leadership Award
$1,500Hawaii Business Magazine
Darsh Dave
David Bess Leadership Award
$3,500Helm Family Trust
Makana Esser
Dean’s Service Award
$2,000Marriott International
Kai Lin
Special Senior at the Shidler College of Business Award
$1,500ProService Hawaii
Erick Huang
Outstanding Sophomore at the Shidler College of Business Award
$2,000Shidler College of Business Alumni Association
Christina Chun
Outstanding MBA at the Shidler College of Business Award
$2,000HouseMart Ben Franklin Crafts & HouseMart ACE Hardware Stores

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