History of Giving

History of Giving

$25M Shidler Gift — September 6, 2006

On September 6, 2006, the University of Hawai'i Board of Regents voted to accept a $25 million donation from Jay H. Shidler and name the University of Hawai'i College of Business Administration after him. The college was named the Shidler College of Business.

At that time, Shidler’s gift was the largest single donation to the University of Hawai‘i from a private donor. Shidler, an alumnus of the college (BBA ‘68), is a longtime commercial real estate investor and entrepreneur who resides in Honolulu.

Initial Gift Announcement“We are grateful to Jay Shidler for his extraordinary investment in our vision to propel our business program into the top ranks of the nation’s business schools,” said Vance Roley, dean of the Shidler College of Business. “Jay embodies the values we strive to instill in our business student – entrepreneurial spirit, leadership, discerning business judgment, integrity and a sense of community.”

Upon receiving this recognition, Shidler said, “I’m genuinely honored and humbled to have my name associated with the University of Hawai‘i’s business program. It’s my school. It helped prepare me for a career in business and launch The Shidler Group decades ago. But never did I imagine being in a position to contribute to University of Hawai‘i like this. I share Dean Roley’s vision for taking the business school to new heights and am grateful to be able to support his vision.

“I love Hawai‘i and want our community, its residents and businesses to have access to a top-ranked business school within our state. I believe Hawai‘i is not only a special place in which to do business but also a viable place from which to conduct geographically diverse businesses. Having a strong business school will enhance our state’s ability to play a larger role in national and international commerce.”

After fulfilling his $25 million commitment, he quietly gave another $6 million to help renovate facilities. To learn more, visit shidler.hawaii.edu/shidler-naming-gift.

$100M Visionary Gift — October 17, 2014

  • 200 South Michigan
  • Continental Plaza
  • Wake Forest University - Charlotte Center
  • Burnham Center
  • Nashville City Center

On October 17, 2014, Jay H. Shidler extended his commitment to the college to $100 million. Shidler, a 1968 alumnus, gave the college ownership interests (leased fees) in various land parcels underlying significant office buildings in major U.S. cities along with cash gifts, in-kind gifts, and marketable securities.

The unique characteristics of the gift will provide the college with a safe, predictable and continuous revenue stream to help insure long-term financial stability.

Shidler’s $100 million total gift includes his $69 million gift in 2014, his initial gift of $25 million in 2006 and an additional $6 million for campus renovations. His total gift of $100 million is a long term, visionary investment for the college’s student, faculty, programs and the people of Hawai‘i.

The $69 million gift includes:

  • Leased fee land underlying 200 South Michigan in Chicago, Illinois
  • Leased fee land underlying the Burnham Center in Chicago, Illinois
  • Leased fee land underlying the Wake Forest University Charlotte Center in Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Leased fee land underlying the Continental Plaza in Columbus, Ohio
  • Leased fee land underlying the Nashville City Center in Nashville, Tennessee
  • Cash gifts, in-kind gifts, and marketable securities

As he was fulfilling his $69 million commitment, Shidler gave an additional $11 million. To learn more and watch videos, visit shidler.hawaii.edu/visionary.