Career Development

Don’t wait until you’re out of school to get started on your career! Get started now! Our office is a link for Shidler College students to the business world. We have hundreds of internships local, regional, and multinational companies. We also have full time and part time career opportunities on our website!

As career support for future graduates we provide the following services:

Internships – looking for some experience? Ask about our local, regional, and multinational companies internships!

Career Advising – Interested in a company? Networking? Negotiating Salaries? We offer professional workshops on a variety of career related topics. We’ll answer any question you have about how to get the best career for you.

Resume Writing – What’s the difference between a CV, a resume, a work history? Useful tips for getting and keeping in touch with references? What are referees? If you’ve got questions we’ve got answers.

Interview Preparation – Concrete examples? Anecdotes? Explaining away weaknesses and focusing on your strengths! We’ll help you answer those tough interview questions.

Career Fair – All jobs, all professional, all about careers! Dress for success and meet employers who want to hire Shidler students. Stop by our office and ask about our career fair and career week to find out more.

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