MGT 341 Behavior in Organizations (3)

Contributions made by sociology, psychology, and related behavioral sciences to the understanding and prediction of human behavior in organizations. Pre: BUS 315. DS

MGT 342 Multinational Business Management (3)

Introduction to the unique problems and challenges in managing multinational business enterprises. Systems approach to the management process in such multinational firms stressed. Pre: BUS 315.

MGT 344 Seminar in Management (3)

In-depth analysis of selected current practices and trends in administration. May be repeated with change in topic. Pre: consent.

MGT 345 Entrepreneurial Ventures (3)

Integrative course in entrepreneurship designed around the development of an original business concept and the completion of a comprehensive business plan for a new venture. Intended as final course for students completing entrepreneurship minor. Pre: 320 or consent.

MGT 348 History of American Business (3)

The evolution of business enterprise from colonial times to the present. Emphasis on entrepreneurship, technological change, labor-management relations, government-business relations, and economic thought. Case studies of industrial development. (Cross-listed as HIST 378) DH

MGT 399 Directed Reading and Research (V)

Reading and research in a special area within the major field under direction of faculty member(s). Project must include statement of objectives, outline of activities planned, results expected, and how they are to be reported and evaluated. Must be approved in advance by the department chair and faculty advisor. Repeatable up to six credits.

MGT 450 Family Business (3)

The exploration of business, personal, and interpersonal issues associated with a family owned and managed company. Topics include: family psychology and organizational structure, life cycles in family business, strategic family and business planning, succession planning, family business conflict resolution, estate planning, the role of professional managers, and others. This is not a course about how to become an entrepreneur or how to start or manage a business. It is most appropriate for those students who are part of a family that owns and manages a business. Pre: BUS 315 or graduate status, or consent.MGT 460 Asia Pacific Business Systems (3) Business systems in Asia Pacific countries including Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Singapore, and Hong Kong in terms of particular organization strategies and how they relate to the industrial trade policies. Pre: BBA core excluding BUS 345, or consent.

MGT 461 Corporate Entrepreneurship (3)

Exploration of the nature and role of entrepreneurship behavior inside larger, established organizations. An examination of obstacles to entrepreneurial activity and approaches to creating work environments that foster entrepreneurship. Pre: 320 or consent.

MGT 644 Comparative Management (3)

Cross-cultural analysis of the values and environmental constraints that shape management patterns and policies. Emphasis on Pacific area nations.

MGT 650 Management Topics (3)

In-depth analysis of selected current practices and trends in administration. May be repeated four times with change in topic. Pre: consent.

MGT 651 Corporate Entrepreneurship (3)

Entrepreneurship behavior involving the founding of new business units within established companies; understanding and dealing with barriers to entrepreneurship in corporations; recognizing corporate entrepreneurship opportunities; and learning various approaches organizations can take to increase entrepreneurship. A-F only. Pre: consent. (Once a year)

MGT 660 Negotiation (3)

Theory and practice of negotiation. Exploration of appropriate strategies, tactics, and communication techniques. Study of dyadic multi-party, cross-cultural, and assisted negotiations.

MGT 670 (Alpha) International Management and Industrial Relations (3)

Selected topics in international management and industrial relations: (B) Chinese management systems; (C) Japanese management systems; (D) management of multinational corporations; (F) contemporary issues in international business foreign direct investment; (G) cross-cultural communication in international business; (H) interactive strategies in Asian culture; (I) international human resource management; (J) international joint ventures; (K) international management of technology; (M) Korean management systems; (N) multinational corporation and environmental issues; (O) strategy of the multinational corporation; (P) international transfer of technology. Repeatable four times. Pre: consent.

MGT 671 International Strategic Management (3)

Analysis of the strategic management of firms engaged in multinational business including specific content on Asia. Permits students to focus on specific countries such as China and Japan. A-F only. (Spring only)

MGT 680 Entrepreneurship for Science and Technology (3)

Recognizing and screening technology opportunities, the commercialization process, intellectual property acquisition, business model related to high technology strategies needed for growth in high tech firms. A-F only. Pre: 645 or consent. (Once a year)

MGT 681 Asian/Pacific Entrepreneurship (3)

Innovative ventures, issues related to noticing opportunities, conceptualizing and developing a business model, starting and growing a new venture with specific emphasis on the Asian/Pacific region. A-F only. Pre: consent. (Once a year)

MGT 688 Health Policy, Systems, and the Legal Environment (3)

Covers health care policy topics including: analyzing health service needs, access, use, disparities; health professional supply; policy issues for health organizations; health care financing policy; health law/ethical issues. A-F only. Pre: BUS 622 and BUS 627. (Alt. years)

MGT 701 Cross-Cultural Management (3)

Provides tools to compare and contrast management practices across nations and to examine the role of culture in shaping those practices. A-F only. Pre: PhD student status in international management or consent.

MGT 704 PhD Seminar?Corporate Strategy and International Business (3)

Objectives include: explore research topics in corporate strategy and international business, examine conceptual and empirical literature on management of the multinational corporation, and prepare students for comprehensive examination. A-F only. Pre: PhD student status in international management or consent.

MGT 799 Directed Reading and Research (V)

Reading and research in an area of management under the direction of faculty member(s). A-F only. Pre: PhD student status in international management or consent.