Mentoring Programs

Mentor and mentee seated at a table.

Recent Alumni Mentoring Program (RAMP)

Are you a recent graduate (< 5 years) of UH Shidler College of Business?

Do you want help accelerating your career, broadening your career horizons, or developing essential skills like:

  • Leadership development
  • Building your personal brand
  • Managing relationships & becoming a master networker
  • Hawaii-specific issues

The Recent Alumni Mentoring Program (RAMP) provides recent Shidler alumni, at no cost to the mentee, an opportunity to connect and learn from Hawaii’s leading business professionals allowing for career insights, personal and professional development, and possibly even career opportunities.

This is one of the Shidler Alumni Association's ways of giving back to Shidler alumni and providing unique value to business school graduates!

The application period for the 2022-2023 RAMP Cohort 4 has ended. Please check back again in Summer 2023 to apply.

For more information, please contact


Executive Mentoring Program (EMERG)

Are you a current EMBA student at the UH Shidler College of Business?

Are you seeking a trusted executive adviser who can help you accelerate your career/life goals and do you want a support group of peers who can grow with you, then we want to hear from you!

Some areas your executive mentor could assist and provide advice with:

  • Switching careers/sectors, launch a business/ Enrich your network / Expose you to unique opportunities
  • Enhance leadership capacity / Provide unbiased feedback / Impartial sounding board
  • Navigate big life changes / Discover your personal brand

The Executive Mentoring Program (EMERG) provides Shidler EMBA students, at no cost to the mentee, an opportunity to be mentored by a seasoned executive in the Hawaii business community in order provide personal and professional growth. You will also have an opportunity to join a True North Group as part of the program. Hurry and apply, because seats are limited!

Program Length: 6 Months from 8/24/20 - 3/24/21

Time Commitment: Minimum 3 x 1 hour mentoring sessions + prep work & 3 x 1 hour True North Group sessions

This is one way the Shidler Alumni Association pays it forward to future Shidler alumni!

For more information, please contact John Doyle and Lance Higa.