There are two main ways to gain undergraduate (BBA) admission to Shidler:

  1. Freshman Admission (Direct Admit Program)

    For admission directly from high school into Shidler College of Business as a first-year/freshman student  
    (If you are not chosen for the DAP program, you could still enter UH Manoa with an "Exploratory Business" ["pre-business"] major, and then apply to Shidler as an upper-level/transfer student---see the next section.)  

  2. Transfer/Upper-Level Student Admission

    These applicants are current (or former) undergraduate students who have met all the Shidler Admissions Requirements, so it could include any of the following:

  • Applicants who are not current students at UH Mānoa (see above) must first apply to UH Mānoa and then apply to Shidler College.
    • Please note that while admissions will accept unofficial transcripts for Mānoa admission purposes, transfer credit evaluations will only be done on official transcripts after the tuition deposit is made. We encourage all applicants transfering from schools out the the UH System to submit official transcripts for this reason.
  • Applicants must complete all Shidler College of Business admission requirements the semester before entering the college^.
    • Applicants who are still enrolled in pre-business core classes at the time of application but who meet all other requirements would be issued a tentative decision (a final decision would be issued when final semester grades are posted and reviewed).
    • ^There is a limited exception for a prospective student seeking Fall admission to complete a requirement in Summer Session I at UH Mānoa


  • *Seeking a second bachelor degree in business? Click here for important notices  ⌄
    • All admissions requirements must be fulfilled before starting at UH Mānoa. If you are missing coursework, you could take them at a UH Community College the fall or spring semester before applying to UH Mānoa and Shidler.
    • If you have already completed either (a) a degree in business (or related major) or (b) a business minor, you would not be eligible for admission to Shidler College of Business's BBA program. UH Mānoa students who have been admitted to the Business minor (even if they have not completed it) would also not be eligible to apply for the BBA.
    • Many masters programs do not require you to have majored in that subject as an undergraduate, so you may find more benefit applying to one of the many Masters degrees at Shidler (MS in Accounting, MS in Finance, MS in Information Systems, MS in Human Resource Management, MBA, JD/MBA, etc.)

Students should also note the curriculum and degree requirements necessary for graduation.


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