Transfer Students (Non-UH System)

How to Apply (for Applicants from outside the University of Hawai'i System)

If you are transferring to UH Mānoa or planning to pursue a second bachelor’s degree, then you must follow the general application process for University of Hawai’i at Mānoa admissions. Students who have already earned a bachelor's degree in business (or a business minor) are not eligible to be admitted to Shidler College of Business.

  1. Apply for Admission to UH Mānoa
    • Complete the general UH application form online or download it at the UH Mānoa Admissions & Records Office website.
    • Complete all additional requirements such as transferring transcripts from any post-secondary institution(s), pay the application fee, etc. 
    • Please refer to the admissions website for general application deadlines.
    • If you have any questions about applying to UH Mānoa, please contact Admissions and Records at or (808) 956-8975.
  2. Then apply for admission to Shidler College of Business if you have met the admissions requirements (or will meet them at the end of the current semester*)
    • By the deadline (see below), complete the online Shidler application at:
    • If you are eligible to transfer to UH Mānoa but have not yet met the requirements to apply to Shidler [e.g., you are transferring as a sophomore, or you are missing some required courses], you could still start at UH Manoa as an Exploratory Business ("pre-business") student, then apply to Shidler separately in a future semester when you have completed the requirements.

*All Shidler admission requirements must be completed the semester before entering the Shidler College of Business. Students who are still enrolled in pre-business core classes at the time of application will be issued a tentative decision that will be finalized when final semester grades are posted.


Deadline to apply

Complete both the UH Manoa and application to Shidler by the deadline (see above).

Semester of desired admission to Shidler Priority & International* Deadline Final Deadline
Fall March 1 May 1
Spring October 1 November 1

*Since you must apply to both UH Manoa and Shidler, please verify UH Manoa's application deadlines at the UH Mānoa Admissions website.

The Shidler application for the next semester is usually first available in mid- to late-January for fall admission and the beginning of September for spring admission.

*The "international deadline" is the deadline by which any international student should apply.


  • Took your pre-Business courses outside UH Mānoa? Click here for more info on transfer equivalencies:
    • I. Review the admissions requirements for Shidler to be sure youʻre on track to fulfill the coursework needed to apply to Shidler (i.e., the Computer Competency course requirement and the 7 Pre-Business core courses).

    • II. If you have not yet applied: check the unofficial transfer credit course equivalencies between your home institution and UH Mānoa. Plan your schedule in advance to ensure receiving equivalent UH Mānoa credits.

    • III. After application and acceptance to Mānoa: If you have taken any of the pre-business required courses at other universities, view your Transfer Transcript in STAR ( Be sure the course you took has a Manoa equivalent equal to the required course (e.g., you took a Microeconomics course called ECON 1000 at your previous institution and earned a B; check the right-hand/Mānoa-equivalent column to ensure it was deemed equivalent at Mānoa to the required ECON 130 course.) In most cases, you will not have to do anything as many students have transferred to UH Mānoa over the years; however, should you find a course was not awarded an equivalency, see the procedures below:

      A. For a missing liberal arts course equivalency (i.e., ENG 100, ECON 130, ECON 131, COMG 151, COMG 251, MATH 203/215/241/251): if a course equivalency was not awarded (and is not listed as DEPT/already being investigated), contact with a detailed course syllabus, your name, UH ID number, and the UH course and course number that you believe the course you took is equivalent to. (You may want to consult the Mānoa catalog for help in deciding what courses might be most similar to the course you took.)

      B. For a missing business course equivalency (i.e., ACC 201, ACC 202, or ICS 101): complete a course petition (pdf file) and e-mail it along with a detailed course syllabus to Shidler (the syllabus must mention the text used, and usually chapter/page numbers covered).

      C. If you believe you earned AP, CLEP, or IB credit: submit an official copy of your scores to the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa Admissions. UH Mānoa grants waivers and/or credits on the basis of scores received on the CEEB Advanced Placement Examinations. Note that credits for AP exams do not count toward the 24 credit requirement for admission to UH Mānoa as a transfer student.

      IV. All course requirements must be reflected in STAR for your application to be reviewed properly. Any course petitions must be submitted by December 1 for spring applications or June 1 for Fall applications.



Accounting Course Clarification:

If you have taken 1-2 Accounting courses before/during application:

  • If you have have already taken a financial accounting and/or managerial accounting course from the university/community college you are transferring from, check the Course Transfer Database to see if your Accounting course is equivalent to ACC 201 or ACC 202 at UH Manoa (MAN). In STAR, if your transfer evaluation/transfer transcript reflects equivalency for ACC 201 (financial accounting) and ACC 202 (managerial accounting) with a grade of "C" or higher, you have fulfilled the Accounting admissions requirement.
  • If neither of the Accounting courses you have taken show equivalency to ACC 201/202, a course petition form along with a copy of your detailed course syllabus must be submitted to for the course that is not listed.
  • If you are awarded ACC 201 (financial accounting) equivalency or have already transferred ACC 201 as equivalent, but not ACC 202, you must then either:
    • Complete managerial accounting from the institution you will be transferring from, or,
    • Enroll in ACC 202 (managerial accounting) at one of our UH System Community Colleges (ACC 202 is not offered at UH Manoa)
  • If you have any questions, please email


If you have not yet taken any Accounting courses before applying to transfer:

UH Mānoa has updated the topic ordering of Accounting courses to:

  • ACC 200 (Introduction to Accounting I)
  • ACC 210 (Introduction to Accounting II)


Proration for Transfer Students

Students who have transferred into UH Mānoa from a non-UH system school have a pro-rated Focus requirement based on the number of accepted transfer credits upon admission. (Please refer to Shidler College curriculum and degree requirements.)

Transfer Credits W H E O
0-36 5* 1 1 1
37-54 4* 1 1 1
55-88 3* 1 1 E or 1 O
89+ 2* 1 0 0

*At least two Writing Intensive courses must be 300-level or above



Office of Student Academic Services (Shidler College of Business, Room A-202)

  • Prospective transfer students may contact the Shidler Office of Student Academic Services (OSAS) for further information on admission requirements, the Shidler application, or to schedule an advising appointment. Check the prospective student page for hours.


Office of Admissions (Queen Lili‘uokalani Center for Student Services, Room 001)

  • Students may also contact the Office of Admissions for questions regarding the status of their UH Manoa application and/or transcript evaluation. (808) 956-8975