Admissions Requirements

To gain admission to Shidler College of Business as an upper-level/transfer* student, all 4 admissions requirements (below) plus an application to Shidler** must be completed in the semester before the semester of desired entry into Shidler College:

  1. 60 earned semester-hour credits (i.e., junior standing) - credits must be acceptable to UH Manoa, so must be non-repeated, college-level courses
  2. Minimum cumulative Grade-Point Average (GPA) of 2.50 in all course grades (if any courses have been attempted at UH Mānoa, the applicant must also have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00 in all UH Mānoa courses)
  3. Computer Competency: Completion of ONE of the following two computer-competency course options with a minimum grade of "C" or better (i.e., "C-" grade will not be accepted).:
    • Option 1: complete BOTH LTEC 112 "Technologies for Academic Success" AND LTEC 113 "Technologies for Academic Success- Business"; or
    • Option 2: complete ICS 101 "Digital Tools for the Information World"
  4. Completion of 7 pre-business core courses (see below) with a minimum combined GPA of 2.50 and with a minimum grade of "C" in each (i.e., "C-" grade or below will not be accepted)

Pre-Business Core Courses

  1. English Composition (ENG 100/190/ESL 100, OR ENG 200)
  2. Calculus (BUS 250; NREM 203; OR MATH 203, 215, 241, or 251A)
  3. Speech (COMG 151 OR COMG 251)
  4. Principles of Microeconomics (ECON 130)
  5. Principles of Macroeconomics (ECON 131)
  6. Introduction to Accounting I (ACC 200)*
  7. Introduction to Accounting II (ACC 210)*



See the University of Hawaii at Mānoa Catalog for course descriptions and prerequisites.

* high-school applicants seeking entry to Shidler as a first-year/freshman student should consider the Direct Admit Program

** applicants who are not currently UH Manoa degree-seeking students must also apply to UH Manoa



*Notes about the required Accounting sequence

Effective Fall 2020, the course number and topic ordering of the 200-level Accounting courses was changed at UH Manoa:

  • ACC 200 (Introduction to Accounting I)
  • ACC 210 (Introduction to Accounting II) (formerly ACC 201)

Because of this change, applicants are required to either:
(1) complete both ACC 200 and ACC 210 courses at UH Manoa or Windward Community College, or
(2) complete both ACC 201 and ACC 202 courses completely outside of UH Manoa;
there are no exceptions to this.

  • For example, if ACC 200 is completed at UH Manoa, ACC 210 would need to be completed at UH Manoa or Windward CC. 
  • If ACC 201 (a Financial Accounting course) is completed outside of UH Manoa, ACC 202 (a Managerial Accounting course) should also be completed outside of UH Manoa.
  • If you are transferring into the UH system from another college, check if your Accounting courses may transfer as ACC 201/202 in the online course transfer database

If you have already successfully completed ACC 201/ACC 202 (outside of UH Manoa) or ACC 200/ACC 201 (at UH Manoa) with a "C" grade or higher, prior to Fall 2020, this change is not applicable to you. If you have any questions, email


Explanatory Notes on Admission Requirements:

  • All Shidler College of Business admission requirements (credits, GPA, grades, coursework) must be completed by the end of the fall/spring semester before you plan on entering the College.
    • Coursework: A student planning to start Shidler in Spring, must complete all admission requirements by the end of fall; a student planning to start Shidler in Fall, must complete all admission requirements by the end of the spring semester.
      • Fall exception: Students applying for fall admission are expected to fulfill all admission criteria by the end of spring semester; however, we currently allow certain summer courses to count toward an applicant's consideration for fall admission IF the student meets both of the following conditions:
        • (1) the student files an application for fall (to Shidler for UH Manoa students, or to both UH Manoa and Shidler for non-UH Manoa students) by the final deadline, and
        • (2) the course(s) is both (a) taken at UH Manoa, and (b) taken and completed during Summer Session I.
        • Notes on summer:
          • (i) no other exceptions will be made
          • (ii) students applying for fall must complete a separate form (linked on the application page) to notify us if they plan to take a summer course that they want considered for their fall admissions decision.
    • Incompletes: Students with an "Incomplete" grade in any courses cannot be admitted to the Shidler College of Business. Any Incompletes must be changed to final grades before admission.
  • GPA notes:
    • Cumulative GPA is: Combined UH Mānoa + Transfer GPA from all other institutions attended
      • Students who earn 30 credits or more at UH Mānoa with a cumulative GPA of 2.50 or higher, would use the Manoa GPA in place of transfer GPA.
    • If three or more business courses (or transferred equivalents) beyond the pre-business courses (e.g., business law, statistics, management, etc.) have been attempted, a combined GPA of at least 2.5 is required (this is in addition to meeting all other requirements listed).
    • Grades must be reflected on official transcripts (for Spring 2020, we recognize many universities allowed CR/NC/P/NP grading systems, but we must be able to determine if the course received a C or better).
    • Repeating courses:
      • If a course is repeated, credit is only counted once for the purpose of meeting the total credit requirement.
      • Starting with Spring 2023 admission, Manoa's grade replacement policy will be used in courses from any previous institution, not just courses from Manoa (previously, grades from all attempts were counted in calculating admission GPAs for courses taken outside UH Manoa)
      • Courses in the pre-business core may be repeated only if the grade earned is a "C-" or below. Any attempt to repeat a pre-business core course where a "C" or better has already been achieved would NOT be factored into the pre-business GPA.
  • Prerequisite business courses attempted at schools outside the University of Hawai‘i system may require a Petition for Course Equivalency (this is mainly if you attempted ACC 201, ACC 202, or ICS 101 and you do not see the course in the UH Course Transfer Database; non-business courses not listed in the database are evaluated by Manoa Admissions).
  • To earn a BBA degree from UH Mānoa, admitted students must complete (a) the residency requirement of 30 credit hours at UH Mānoa and (b) a minimum of eight courses (24 credit hours) in upper division business courses at UH Mānoa, which must include a minimum of three courses (9 credit hours) in your major, after admission to the Shidler College of Business.
  • Additional recommended course: The prerequisite to the business core course BUS 315 is PSY 100 or SOC 100 with a "C-" grade or higher. Taking either course to satisfy the social sciences (DS) requirement is highly encouraged.
  • Prospective students who would be ineligible for admission:
    • Students who have already completed a bachelor's degree in business (or related major coursework) from UH Mānoa or any other institution cannot be admitted to Shidler College of Business to pursue a second bachelor's degree.
    • Students who have completed a business minor through the Shidler College of Business (or who have applied for the minor) or from another University, are not eligible to pursue either the business minor or BBA degree with the Shidler College of Business.