Pre-Graduation Check Application

Pre-Graduation Check Deadlines (BUS 345 Override)

Priority deadline: applications will be reviewed prior to the start of registration-notification for an override for BUS 345 to be provided prior to the start of registration.
Final deadline: applications may not be reviewed prior to the start of registration-notification for an override for BUS 345 may be provided after the start of registration.

  • Spring 2025 Graduation: (Available from August 1, 2024)
    Priority Deadline: September 1
    Final Deadline: October 1

  • Summer 2024 Graduation: (Available from November 1, 2023)
    Priority Deadline: December 1
    Final Deadline: December 31

  • Fall 2024 Graduation: (Available from January 2, 2024)
    Priority Deadline: February 1
    Final Deadline: March 1 

Instructions for submitting a late Spring 2024 Pre-Grad Check Application:

  • Email a personal statement (PDF) to, explaining:
    -reasons(s) why the deadline was missed,
    -your remaining courses for the Spring 2024 semester 
    -provide any additional information to support your request.
  • Please address your statement to the "Graduation Committee", include your UH ID number, and sign/date your letter.
  • Incomplete statements will not be reviewed.
  • Review of personal statements will begin tentatively the week of December 4th and further instructions will be emailed to you at that time.
  • If approved, our office will contact you regarding your BUS 345 override.
  • Current Summer 2024 Pre-Graduation Check and BUS 345 Override Request

Shidler College of Business
SUMMER 2024:
Pre-Grad Check & BUS 345 Override Request

  1. Applications are processed in the order that they are submitted.  Please note that due to the large number of applications submitted near the deadline, students who submit their application near the final deadline, may not receive BUS 345 override approval prior to registration.

  2. Once your application is processed, you will receive an email from with the subject, “SUMMER 2024 Graduation: BUS 345 Override Instructions”.  Please review the email and confirm your remaining graduation requirements.

Applicant Information

8 digit UH ID Number without the dash (example: 24683579)

Expected Term of Graduation w/ BBA Degree: SUMMER 2024

Please indicate your officially declared major (as listed in STAR).
If applicable, please indicate any additional business majors that are officially declared (appears in STAR).
If applicable, please indicate which business major(s) you are planning to pursue and have not officailly declared yet.
If applicable, please indicate any Minor(s) that you are pursuing.  Please submit your minor certification form to and notify the Office of the Registrar (, which minor you are officially pursuing.
2nd Bachelorʻs Degree
Please indicate if you have already earned a Bachelor's Degree and are currently seeking a second Bachelor's Degree.

Shidler College of Business Graduation Contract

Please read through the following graduation contract and sign at the bottom.

I understand that I am responsible for adhering to posted deadlines and for the following requirements to be eligible for graduation:

  • Earn a minimum of 120 credits of 100+ college-level coursework, with a minimum of 30 credits at UH Mānoa;
  • Have a minimum UH Mānoa cumulative GPA of 2.0;
  • Fulfill all UH Mānoa General Education requirements;
  • Fulfill all UH Mānoa Focus requirements;
  • Fulfill all Shidler BBA Degree requirements;
  • Meet Shidler residency requirements: after official admission to Shidler, students must earn & complete a minimum of nine credits within each business major and 24 credits of 300+ level business coursework at the Shidler College of Business.
  • A minimum business GPA of 2.0 is required (including business core and major coursework), with a minimum grade of “C-” in all required business courses;
  • Courses must be completed with an “A-F” letter grade (CR/NC may be accepted if it is the only grading option listed in the Catalog);

I also acknowledge that:

  • Students are not eligible for graduation with any “I” (incomplete) or missing grades;
  • Students are responsible for notifying and sending official transcripts to the UH Mānoa Office of Admissions from any institutions (outside of the UH System) where college-level courses have been attempted.  An official transcript evaluation must be completed and reflected in STAR to be eligible for graduation;
  • If pursuing a minor, I have notified the Office of the Registrar ( that I am officially pursuing a minor so that my STAR can reflect this.
  • I am responsible for monitoring the status of my final semester grades and understand any change in degree or major may result in different requirements;

By registering for BUS 345 I agree that:
  • I have reviewed my Graduation Degree Check in STAR Academic Essentials and confirm that the information stated is accurate and correct;
  • It is my responsibility to double check STAR Academic Essentials and GPS to ensure that I am enrolled in the appropriate courses for a Spring 2024 graduation;
  • If I withdraw from or do not earn the minimum grade needed in Fall 2023 or Spring 2024 for a required course, it is my responsbility to register for the requirement in Spring 2024 or Summer 2024, or to change my graduation date.

I have read and understand my responsibility to meet the graduation requirements listed above.

If you have any questions about your degree requirements, please call (808) 956-8215 to schedule an appointment to meet with your academic advisor.

Please verify that all information is accurate before submitting.  

If your UH Email is inputted incorrectly, you will not receive a confirmation email.