Faculty & Research


TIM School faculty members have gained a worldwide reputation in the field of travel industry management through their academic research, cutting edge consultancy activities and international teaching, and have authored numerous textbooks that are used worldwide by other hospitality programs and industry professionals.

Lane Lectures

The Ambassador L.W. “Bill” Lane, Jr. and Mrs. Jean Lane Lecture series was established in 2001 to address key issues on sustainability in the tourism industry. This lecture also extends the effort to educate and raise awareness in the Hawaiʻi community of the importance of sustainable tourism and how the concept is being embraced across the globe.


TRINET is an email distribution list that connects members of the international tourism research and education community. Its purpose is to promote an open exchange of ideas, information, and opinions that are relevant to tourism scholarship, including theory, research, education, policy development and operational matters.

Center For Tourism Policy Studies

The Center for Tourism Policy Studies (CTPS) conducts research for academic, government and industry use; offers professional development and continuing education programs; and provides technical assistance and other community services in tourism-related areas.