Outbound Students

A group of students play a game at the study abroad fair.

Follow the steps below to help with planning your study abroad journey (please be sure to talk to the UH Mānoa International Exchange (MIX) or UH Mānoa Study Abroad Center for assistance, in addition to your TIM advisor):

  • Keep in mind your intership requirements and academic plans.
  • 2nd semester sophomore year (2nd year), junior year (3rd year), and first semester senior year (4th year) are ideal for TIM majors. TIM majors can also look into summer semesters.
  • Meet the required MIX and SAC application deadlines!
  • After you figure out when you plan to study overseas, determine which courses you will need/want to take during that semester(s). You will want to confirm that the courses you need/want are offered at your school of choice.
    • Remember the TIM 368 course option! TIM 368 can fulfill both hospitality and tourism/transportation (T/T) electives.
  • Studying at a TIM partner school?
  • Studying at a non-TIM partner school?
    • Locate the class syllabus and/or description of the classes you plan to take abroad.
    • Complete the transfer course petition form.
    • Email both materials to timinfo@hawaii.edu for transfer evaluation.
    • *Classes through SAC have course equivalencies already identified.
  • All TIM majors will need to complete the preliminary course equivalency form prior to their abroad. Completion and certification by a TIM advisor will confirm whether or not the classes you take abroad will be applicable to your TIM degree.

Apply here!

  • $5,000 towards travel expenses.
  • Students must be studying in a fall or spring semester and meet program requirements, including a minimum 3.0 GPA.
  • Mahalo to William R. Johnson Jr. who established the Study Abroad Endowment to assist students in funding their travel expenses.

Read and learn more about former Johnson scholars' experiences.

IMPORTANT NOTE: planning to study overseas is a fluid process, so you may be completing the above steps in a non-linear fashion. TIM students should start planning early and meet with a TIM advisor (plus advisors in MIX or SAC) to ensure successful participation.