Mentorship Programs

Students posing for a picture in front of George Hall.

The School of Travel Industry Management offers mentorship programs to undergraduate TIM students to help support their personal and professional development and to build connections with peers, alumni and the local travel industry.

Dates and Registration:

  • Register by September 15
  • Program runs from Late-September to Early-May

We’re looking for upperclassmen mentors and freshmen mentees to participate in our program for the 2023-2024 academic year.


  • Upperclassmen mentors MUST BE an active TIM student club member, TIM student scholar, or TIM Business Night award recipient.
  • Freshmen mentees should be willing to learn from fellow TIM major students and looking to make connections with fellow classmates.

What is in it for you?

  • Networking opportunities,
  • Opportunity to meet other TIM major students (upperclassmen and incoming freshmen),
  • Develop career soft skills,
  • Exposure to career options in tourism, hospitality, and transportation,
  • Convenient hours based on your schedule,
  • Looks great on a resume,
  • Attend in-person and virtual events,
  • Exclusive events for participants
  • And more!

The HLTA Generational Mentorship program pairs some of the best hospitality students in Hawaiʻi with the top Hospitality leaders in the state. The formalized mentoring program allows students to learn a variety of topics around leadership, emotional intelligence, personal branding and leading through change from the general managers whom they are paired with. Mahalo to HLTA for their generous and continual support of TIM students.

If you have any questions regarding mentorship opportunities, please contact:
TIM Office of Student Academic Services