TIM Certificate Program

Certificate in Travel Industry Management (TIM)

The Travel Industry Management (TIM) certificate is designed to prepare non-TIM major students for careers in the travel industry as well as provide working professionals the opportunity to expand or update their skills in the area of travel industry management. Acceptance into the TIM School and TIM certificate program is required to enroll in any upper-division TIM certificate courses.

Admissions Requirements:

  • TIM Certificate application (link below)
  • Completion of 24-college credits
  • Completion of TIM 101 with a “C” or higher
  • Good Academic Standing (2.0 cumulative GPA or higher)

Apply for the TIM Certificate HERE!

Course Requirements (“C” letter grade or higher AND 2.5 GPA required):

  • TIM 101: Introduction to Travel Industry Management
  • TIM 302: Information Systems Technology (pre: TIM 101 & ICS 101 or (LTEC 112 & 113))
  • TIM 303: Management of Service Enterprises* (pre: TIM 101)
  • TIM 304: Principles of Travel Industry Marketing* (pre: TIM 101)
  • TIM 305: Financial Mgmt for the Travel Industry (pre: TIM 101; FQ; ACC 200 and ACC 210) OR TIM 306: Human Resources Mgmt in TIM (pre: TIM 101 & COMG 151 or 251)

*Students cannot earn credit for both TIM 303 & BUS 315 and TIM 304 & BUS 312.

Priority Deadlines:

Spring - November 1

Fall - March 1

Students will be emailed directly to their hawaii.edu email with updates on their admission status and enrollment next steps.

Minor or Certificate Verification

Earning your certificate in TIM and need to verify it for graduation purposes? Current BS-TIM major who is earning a minor or certificate in a different subject?

Please complete the minor/certificate verification form below!

Minor/Certificate Verification Form

Please email timinfo@hawaii.edu with any questions.