ACC 460 Accounting Capstone (4, 1 credit per alpha)

Lectures, discussions, case analysis. Integration of numerous elements of the accounting program. Current accounting issues discussed. Relevant topics for (B) managerial; (C) financial, (D) auditing and accounting information systems; (E) tax and ethics. Together with 460B, 460E, includes an emphasis on instruction in writing. Repeatable one time, credit earned for one time only. ACC majors only. A-F only. Pre: 418 (or concurrent), no waiver for (B), (C), (D); 401 and 418 (or concurrent, no waiver for (E). Co-requisites: C, D, and E for (B); B, D, and E for (C); B, C, and E for (D); B, C, and D for (E).