HRM 365 Labor and Social Legislation (3)

A focused review of key US Labor-related Legislation and other Social Legislation, including selected legislation from other industrialized countries.  Useful for both HR Specialists and Management Students in other disciplines.

Course learning objectives

  • Explain how Labor Legislation has emerged from and consequently influenced Labor-Management relations in the United States and other industrialized countries.
  • Review how Labor Legislation has impacted the broader social context of US society.
  • Review key pieces of Social Legislation such as Medicare, Medicaid, ERISA, the Fair Labor Standards Act, and various laws and regulations dealing with unemployment and workplace health and safety, and the impact this legislation and regulation has had on Labor-Management relations, Human Resource Management, and the US workforce.
  • Review key pieces of Labor and Social legislation in selected industrialized and industrializing nations with a view toward potential reform of US law and practice.

Topics covered:

  • The legislative and regulatory process in the United States
  • Historical development of the Labor Legislation in the US and the World
  • Key state, federal, and international laws and regulations and important related judicial decisions
  • Key Social Legislation that has impacted Human Resource Management in the US at the Federal Level
  • Key Hawaii State Social Legislation impacting Human Resource Management
  • Possible future legislative reform and development of Labor and Social Legislation in the US and other industrialized countries.