ACC 620 Global Accounting (3)

Theory and fundamental causes of international variations in accounting. Special emphasis on problems such variations create for financial reporting, control, and decision-making within multinational business enterprises. Pre: 323 or 582 with C- or better, or consent.


  • International Financial Accounting and Reporting
  • International Financial Statement Analysis
  • Comparative Accounting Practices
  • Accounting for Foreign Currency Transactions
  • Translation of Foreign Currency Financial Statements
  • Accounting for Price Changes and Inflation Internationally
  • Managerial Accounting for Global Business Operations
  • International Auditing
    • External Auditing of Foreign Operations
  • International Taxation
  • Accounting Information Systems for Multinational Corporations
  • Accounting Needs of International Financial Markets
    • Foreign Currency Derivatives
  • Emerging Issues in International Accounting

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