AI-centered workshop brings together multiple disciplines

ITM doctoral student Andrea Rivera presents to audience.
ITM doctoral student Andrea Rivera presents to audience.


Leveraging momentum generated by The Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS) 2024, Shidler College of Business’ (Shidler College) Information Technology Management (ITM) department took a bold step forward in enriching academic dialogue centered on artificial intelligence (AI), responsibility and social justice. Earlier this month, the department hosted its inaugural post-HICSS research workshop on campus, showcasing ITM’s dedication to exploring how cutting-edge technologies can be harnessed for the greater good, while ensuring the march of progress aligns with societal values of equity and responsibility.

Professor Dorothy Leidner presents to workshop attendees on Jan. 8.

Professor Dorothy Leidner presents to workshop attendees on Jan. 8.

Distinguished Speakers and Engaging Discussions

On Jan. 8, the “Responsible IS and IS Research” workshop brimmed with intellectual energy, featuring two keynote speakers from globally acclaimed institutions.

Professor Dorothy Leidner joined the workshop from the University of Virginia McIntire School of Commerce and delivered insightful analysis on the intricacies of online public shaming provided a compelling and enlightening narrative to Responsible IS research. Leidner is also the editor-in-chief of the Journal of the Association for Information Systems and a Lyons Electronic Office lifetime achievement award laureate, which recognizes outstanding individuals in the field of information systems (IS).

Professor Amber Young from the University of Arkansas presented novel perspectives on digital authority and personal freedom. Young is also an associate editor for MIS Quarterly, offered an invigorating look at emancipation in IS literature.

The workshop was further amplified by doctoral student contributions from various UH departments, including ITM, marketing and mathematics. Their research presentations showcased the interdisciplinary essence of responsible AI, underscoring how technological advancements can synergize with ethical and societal considerations.

Seminar on Data and Social Justice

A seminar on Jan. 9 featured professor Monica Chiarini, an expert in business analytics and design science research with a special focus on healthcare and government, joining from Tremblay from William & Mary's Raymond A. Mason School of Business. Her lecture, “Bending the Arc of the Moral Universe: Leveraging Data for Accountable Justice for TAY,” eloquently highlighted the profound capabilities of data science in unraveling and addressing complex societal issues concerning transition age youth.

Impact Across Disciplines and Beyond

These events drew a diverse audience from Shidler College and the broader UH community, emphasizing the ethical quandaries and societal reverberations of AI in today’s data-centric business landscape.

The ITM department’s initiative toward bridging technological advancement with social accountability underscores its role as an academic trailblazer, devoted to probing the societal implications of technology. This initiative has laid the groundwork for continuous research and discourse at the nexus of technology, ethics and social justice, further advancing UH's commitment to nurturing socially conscious academic pursuits.