Finance Major

The major in Finance is designed to develop analytical skills in the planning, management and control of financial resources to achieve the financial goals of an organization. Central to this task is evaluation of the risk and return consequences in financial decisions (including the selection of assets, equipment, buildings, inventories, securities, etc.) and the choice of financing alternatives (selling stock, borrowing from a bank, issuing bonds, etc.).

Career Opportunities for a Finance Major

The major in Finance provides background for entry-level positions and career advancement in:

Financial Institutions - (banks, savings and loan companies, etc.)

  • Credit Analysis - planning for business and/or personal loans
  • Funds Planning - developing and implementing desirable strategies for raising funds
  • Interest Rate Risk Management - determining the firm's exposure to the risks of fluctuating interest rates and deciding strategies to cope with the risks
  • Portfolio Planning - analyzing the effects of combined asset and liability decisions on a firm's risk and return

Securities Institutions - (stock and bond brokers, etc.)

  • Investment Selection - advising investment opportunities
  • Securities Analysis - analyzing the features and risk return characteristics of individual securities - including stocks, bonds, and other modern instruments
  • Securities Selection - choosing among available investment alternatives
  • Portfolio Design - combining securities to achieve desired risk and return consequences

Retail, Wholesale and Manufacturing

  • Capital Budgeting - analyzing and choosing the right assets
  • Credit Management - evaluating credit risk and policy
  • Funding - evaluating alternative funds sources

Personal Financial Planning

  • Advising individuals on an integrated approach to managing income, expenses, assets and liabilities
  • Planning an individual's financial resources to meet personal needs

Major Requirements

Finance Course Requirements (15 credit hours, all with "C-" or better)

Required courses (3 credit hours):

Four of the following electives (12 credit hours):

Suggested Finance tracks/specializations

  1. Asian Finance: FIN 307, 321, 430, 444
  2. Corporate Finance: FIN 305 (W), 307, 321, 450
  3. Financial Services & Planning (CFP): ACC 401, INS 300, FIN 301, 311, 490E, 490F, 467 (Completion of all 7 courses required to sit for CFP exam)
  4. Investment Management (CFA): ACC 321, FIN 412, 415, 490D
  5. Insurance & Risk Management: INS 300, FIN 301, 305 (W), 450
  6. Real Estate Finance: FIN 301, RE 300, RE 330, RE 420

More Information

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