International Business Major

Through the study of International Business, one develops an understanding of the global environment and how businesses must adapt to that environment if they are to succeed. The Shidler College of Business International Business program has been consistently ranked in the Top 20 in the nation by U.S. News and World Report. The International Business major will provide students with the foundations of that basic understanding. Courses will stress general environmental issues; (e.g., developments in training relationships between nations) and will also focus on specific functional area issues; (e.g., determining which foreign markets an organization should enter).

Because of its relatively unstructured and highly interdisciplinary nature, the International Business major does not provide undergraduate students with sufficient knowledge to enable them to "practice" international business upon graduation. The trend is to first place graduates in domestic positions with international responsibilities, then place them in overseas positions.

As a result, students must select a double major in a specific functional area such as marketing or finance. This allows them to reach a sufficient level of understanding in a functional area and apply for entry level positions in the functional field (e.g., as a marketing manager).

International Business majors may also proceed to graduate school to pursue a degree in or related to international business. This allows students to continue developing functional area expertise while honing their knowledge of international business, making them more employable.

Finally, it is recommended that students continue to develop their language skills. Developing proficiency in a foreign language will greatly increase the likelihood of an overseas position, while demonstrating commitment to the International Business field.

Major Requirements

International Business Course Requirements (15 credit hours, all with "C-" or better)

Note that International Business may only be taken as a double major in business. Cannot double with any other major outside of Shidler College.

Required courses (9 credit hours):

Two of the following electives (6 credit hours):

*BUS 475/476 must be taken as 3 credits to fulfill the International Business elective

**BUS 477 is offered as 6 credits: 3 credits count as an IB elective and 3 credits count as an upper-division elective.

Also required is an integrative, international experience as met by one of the following:

  • An international internship (BUS 395I). This could be a domestic internship with a multinational corporation. BUS 395I can be used to satisfy an upper-division elective.
  • A directed reading/research course (399) with an international focus under the supervision of a Shidler College of Business faculty member and Department Chair approval. This course can be used to satisfy either an elective in the IB major OR an upper division elective.
  • Participation in an international exchange or study abroad program, or BUS 475/476/477.
  • Completion of the third year of a foreign language (301 or 302 level or 311 or 312). 301 and 302 can satisfy electives for the IB major OR upper division electives.

More Information

If you have further questions or would like more information, please contact the Shidler College of Business Undergraduate Office of Student Academic Services by e-mail at or by phone at (808) 956-8215.