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World's top researchers gather on Maui for HICSS 52.

More than 1,200 of the world’s top academics, researchers and practitioners in the computer science and information technology field gathered on Maui for the 52nd Annual Hawaiʻi International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS) from January 8-11. This year’s conference addressed trending topics such as artificial intelligence, blockchain applications and cybersecurity, as well as cutting-edge research that may lead to the next big technological discovery.

This year’s conference featured keynote speakers, Ramesh Gopinath, vice president of IBM Blockchain Solutions, on “Blockchain Simply Changes The Way The World Works,” and Todd Coleman, professor of bioengineering at University of California, San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering, on “Technological Innovation for Advancing Population Health.”

In their presentation, Gopinath suggested that blockchain technology will fundamentally transform all industries and cited two examples of supply chain solutions using blockchain technology that has transformed the food ecosystem and global trade. Coleman discussed the advances of wearable electrical sensors such as the “EKG of the digestive system,” as an alternative to invasive medical procedures. This technology can accelerate identification of gastrointestinal symptoms, and optimize healthcare delivery and lower overall cost.

In addition, the conference featured 36 workshops, symposiums, and tutorials, and nearly 800 research paper presentations. Other highlights included a pre-conference Doctoral Consortium, a Women’s Networking event, an opening reception, a Hawaiian luau and an awards ceremony.

“One of HICSS’ allure is its beautiful surrounding, relaxed atmosphere and evening events that allow for more collaboration and discussion among participants,” says Vance Roley, dean of the Shidler College of Business. “It is truly an international gathering of the best scientific minds on information systems and technology.”

Over the past five decades, HICSS has become the premier forum for the exchange of ideas in the information systems (IS) industry ranking among the top one percent most cited research conference out of 4,000 worldwide with over 560,000 downloads. It is one of the longest-running scientific conferences related to the design, development, deployment and assessment of information technology in the world and brings together academics and professionals from over 1,000 universities and more than 47 countries in an interactive working environment.

“Early research theories and models of the Internet, drones, social media, human technology, etc., were all discussed at HICSS years before their debut,” says Tung Bui, HICSS conference chair and professor at the University of Hawai‘i – Shidler College of Business. “HICSS’ influence will continue to shape the future directions of information technology research in the world.”

Key topics at this year’s conference include:

  • Artificial intelligence and their upcoming applications
  • Information quality and fake news
  • The workforce in the age of artificial intelligence
  • Blockchain applications in business and society
  • Cybersecurity in business and society
  • Business intelligence and data analytics
  • Gamification in business
  • Design and applications of augmented reality
  • Digital transformation and business strategy
  • Information technology in healthcare and wearable devices

For more information, visit: hicss.hawaii.edu.

2019 Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences