How to Apply


Executive MBA General Admission Guidelines: The Shidler College of Business looks for a diverse and well-balanced class, therefore applications are evaluated holistically and all components are given equal weight. Admission is only available in the Fall semester and the program enrolls every 2 years.

  • GPA 3.0*
  • GMAT, GRE or EA score (optional based on prior collegiate coursework, GPA, and work experience)
  • 5 + years professional work experience 
  • Resume
  • Statement of Objectives
  • Two (2) Letters of recommendation
  • Interview
  • International students only: TOEFL or IELTS scores

*GPA under 3.0 will be considered if other qualifications meet requirements. The rigor of undergraduate degree will also be taken into consideration. 

You may apply for admission by following these steps:


Required Admissions Documents 

How to Submit 

Step one:

Submit Graduate Admissions Application Form and $100 application fee.


Download and submit the Residency Declaration Form.

Email via UH FileDrop or mail to address below

For international students, please download, complete, and mail a Confidential Financial Statement 

Mail to address below 
  Members of the military who are requesting an application fee waiver must email prior to submitting their application fee. Once the payment has been made, the Executive Education Center cannot reimburse applicants. To be eligible for an application fee waiver, please submit a Residency Declaration Form and proof of military affiliation (i.e. military orders, military verification, etc.). Email via UH FileDrop or mail to address below

Step two:

Submit Official Transcripts (Official e-Transcripts are accepted) 

All applicants are required to submit one current official transcript from each institution of higher education attended, including any study abroad or exchange programs, summer programs, and non-degree work and extension programs. Transcripts must be sent directly from the institution to the address below, or received in a sealed institutional envelope if submitted with the application materials.

University of Hawaiʻi Transcripts

Applicants who attended college in the UH system do not need to submit official transcripts for course work completed at UH. The Shidler Graduate Admissions Office will obtain these transcripts on behalf of the applicants.

International Transcripts

Transcripts must be issued in the original language and indicate dates of attendance, all courses, credits or hours and grades received. The original transcripts must be accompanied by English translations. All English translations must be complete and exact word for word translations of the original documents. They must bear the official seal or stamp of the institution, and the translator's original signature. Do NOT convert numerical grades to letter grades. A complete grading scale or system of evaluation is required, if not indicated on the official transcript. Transcripts must indicate any degree, diploma, professional title, certificate or other academic credentials received. If not, submit official copies and English translations of all academic credentials.

Note to Students from Certain South Asian Countries

Students or graduates from institutions in Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Nepal and Pakistan must submit properly attested mark sheets for each year of study showing the subject included in each exam, the maximum mark in each subject, the minimum mark for passing, the mark obtained, and the "position" or "Class" received. Academic records are accepted if attested by the registrar, assistant registrar, head of department, dean of student affairs, controller of exam, USEFI student advisor, professor-in-charge or principal.

E-transcripts to or mail hardcopy to address below

Step three:

Submit Official Standardized Tests Scores


All Distance Learning EMBA (DLEMBA) applicants are required to take one of the following: Executive Assessment (EA), Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or Graduate Record Exam (GRE). Your application is not complete until we have received a copy of your test scores. To have your application reviewed during a specific admissions deadline, your score must arrive to us by the posted deadline. The EA, GMAT and GRE are administered worldwide throughout the year.

EA: Send official test scores to Shidler College of Business. 

The Executive Assessment is specifically designed to evaluate the business school readiness of seasoned professionals. The assessment focuses on skills that are critical both at work and in an EMBA program: higher order reasoning, critical thinking, analysis, and problem-solving. Because it was designed specifically for experienced professionals, it requires minimal preparation, takes only 90 minutes to complete, and includes flexible rescheduling options. The test is administered by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), creators of the GMAT exam. For further information and testing arrangements, please visit the EA website HERE.

GMAT: The GMAT code for the Shidler College of Business is PBQ-59-32. For further information and testing arrangements, please visit the GMAT website HERE.

GRE: The GRE code for the Shidler College of Business is 2630. For further information and testing arrangements, please visit the GRE website HERE.

The Shidler College of Business will consider only your highest test score rather than an average of all of your EA/GMAT/GRE scores. Therefore, please notify us if you plan on retaking the EA/GMAT/GRE to ensure we review your application using your highest score. Test scores more than five years old are not valid.

International Applicants

The English Language Institute requires all students who have English as their second language to clear the ELI. Exemptions include:

Visit the ELI site for more information. 

The Educational Testing Service (ETS) code for the UH Manoa TOEFL is B187. Test scores cannot be more than two years old. Most applicants whose native language is not English need to submit official scores for either of these tests. 

EA, GMAT and GRE results are sent directly to us. Please email with your ELI/exemptions. 

Step four:

Submit Statement of Objectives and Resume

Prepare a Statement of Objectives addressing the following questions below. Please limit responses for each question to 500 words or less.

  1. What are your career objectives and how will the Shidler Executive MBA program assist in the development of achieving these objectives?

  2. How will your experiences, professional and personal, contribute to your peers and the curriculum of the Executive MBA program?
  3. Optional Essay: Please provide any additional information to the Admissions Committee that you believe is important and/or will highlight any areas of concern that will be valuable in considering your application.

Your resume should indicate professional work experience, internships and related activities. Please keep the length to 1–3 pages.

Please email to 

email or mail to address below

Step five:

Submit Two (2) Letters of Recommendation

All EMBA applicants must submit two letters of recommendation by using the letter of recommendation form. Letters should be written by the applicant’s current/former employer, colleague, or individual that may contribute valuable insight to your performance at the Shidler College of Business. The letters should be written on company/university letterhead and sent in sealed envelopes.

email or mail to address below
  Mail to:  Executive Education Admissions
Shidler College of Business
Executive Education Center
University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
2404 Maile Way, A-303
Honolulu, HI 96822, USA