Core Curriculum

Rigorous and challenging, the MHRM program curriculum is designed to sharpen tools, refine skills and put global and local human resource challenges in perspective. The program begins with an intensive, weekend, residential session consisting of daytime and evening classes. This introductory session is mandatory as it introduces the core classes and helps build class cohesion. After this week, classes are conveniently offered on Wednesday evenings from 6:00 p.m. to 8:45 p.m. and on alternating Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

HRM 671 Human Resource Management (3)

Analysis and critical evaluation of basic issues, policies, and trends in personnel administration. HRM majors only. Graduate students only. A-F only.

HRM 672 Training and Development (3)

Covers issues in design, delivery, and assessment of training, theoretical background of training and development process, types of training process, cross cultural and other types of diversity training and development of training modules. HRM majors only. Graduate students only. A-F only.

HRM 674 Finance for Human Resource Management (3)

Intends to give HR professionals a basic overview of the vocabulary and concepts of financial decision-making. Topics include: understanding financial information, budgeting, the finance of retirement and employee benefit and business valuation. MHRM majors only. A-F only.

HRM 675 Compensation (3)

Survey of compensation methods and procedures including job evaluations, incentive systems, salary administration, fringe benefits, appropriate legislation, policies and strategy issues of compensation systems. HRM majors only. Graduate students only. A-F only.

HRM 676 The Staffing Process (3)

Recruiting and selection to optimize organizations including job design, job analysis, recruitment and selection methods, such as types of interviews and assessment centers, within legislative environment. HRM majors only. Graduate students only. A-F only.

HRM 677 Negotiations and Labor Relations (3)

Theory and practice of negotiation. Exploration of appropriate strategies, tactics, and communication techniques. Study of dyadic multi-party, cross-cultural, and assisted negotiations. MHRM majors only. A-F only.

HRM 680 Human Resource Management Capstone (3)

The final course in the MHRM curriculum. It provides students opportunity to integrate and apply previous course content to their professional organization offering a value-added opportunity to enhance organizational performance. MHRM majors only. A-F only.